2017 Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit Guide for Food & Agriculture & Hotel Supplies


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Turkish and Arab Countries Forum for Food, Agriculture and Hotel Supplies in Kuşadası 2 – 5 May 2017

May 18th, 2017|0 Comments

The events of the Turkish-Arab Economic Summit opened in the city of Kuşadası in Izmir, On the […]

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3rd Turkish-Arab forum for the building and construction industries Technology

December 20th, 2016|0 Comments

Third Turkish-Arab forum for the building and construction industries Technology Turning vice president of the ruling Justice […]

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Convicted of terrorism in the exhibition TURAP

December 20th, 2016|0 Comments

At the opening of the Third Turkish-Arab forum ceremony, building and construction industries and technology Second Arab […]


Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TURAP) aims to promote trade between Turkey and the Arab Countries through organizing Exhibitions and Conferences, TURAP aims to gather Arab Businessmen, Companies, Commercial and Industrial specialized Chambers, Associations and Federations with their Counterparts in Turkey. TURAP also organizes delegations of Turkish Businessmen and Companies to visit the economic and commercial activities in Arab Countries.

Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TURAP) Supports Turabexpo & TA Group to create new projects and Increase trade Values between Turkey and Arab countries.

Summits aim to;

– Increase the values of Exports and Imports between the Arab Countries and Turkey.

 – Help Arab Businessmen and Companies purchasing, having deals and franchises from most important Turkish companies specialized in the fields of Exhibitions.

– Help Arab investors to invest in Turkey by providing ready-to-invest projects , also help Arab businessmen and companies to offer their projects and invite investors to invest in their countries.

 – Gather Producers, Consumers, Manufacturers, Funders in one place at tne same table.

 – Provide possibilities to meet with most important official and non-official Arab and Turkish organizations and authorities and discuss ways to develop and promote trade.

 – Improve cooperation between Turkish and Arab Businessmen and Companies.

–  Create Target groups to support and facilitate commercial, industrial, agricultural and scientific cooperation between the Arab Countries and Turkey. Established Groups;

-Legal Consulting Group.

-Customs Consulting Group.

-Property Investment and Development Group.

-Food and Agricultural Investment Group.

-Health and Medical Tourism Group