Who we are : 

Turabexpo, with the support of Turkish Arab Countries Business Association (TÜRAP), works to create new projects between Turkey and the Arabic countries.

It’s specialized in managing Exhibitions and Conferences.

We always aim to deliver the best requirements to success with highly talented and experienced board of directors and brilliant staff. Thus, we have managed to become the best choice for many companies in Turkey which enables them to find business opportunities in the Arabic countries and vice versa. 

Our main goal is to revive, strengthen the commercial bonds and to sustain the good reputation of the business network between Turkey & the Arabic countries.

What we do :

We are partners with the most qualified organizations to bring you the events in the best quality & image. We ensure that they are not only sensational in every aspect, but also memorable to the guests, visitors, and everyone involved.

Turabexpo is looking forward to supporting investors in various conditions and create appropriate investment climate, in order to help them make the most beneficial & successful decisions in any business opportunity.


Why Turabexpo :

We provide all of the services required in order to make any event we organize successful

We have the experience and the commitment.

While most importantly, we have the trust of our clients and partners.